From March 2020 to August 2020, I ran five Webinars a week for the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival. Each call had around 100+ students, which I would place in the appropriate breakout room with the proper teacher assistant. Two calls were not in English. In over eighteen weeks of running these calls, we never had a Zoom hacking. 
I have extensive knowledge of every Virtual Platform used currently, as well as knowledge of polling and questionnaires, annotation features, the use of breakout rooms, and how to add different measures of security to your calls to prevent unwanted visitors. Each platform has countless settings, which I have researched and understand.
In July, I ran a session with the Department of Mathematics at Texas A&M to help them prepare for their summer camps by teaching them about the creation of breakout rooms, and checking their security features. If you are interested in booking me to run an informational session on any platform please reach out.
I am also available for communication and virtual communication consulting.

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